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registered partner: 1738
user online: 130
reported vehicles: 249
incl. stopovers: 270
reported freight: 393
booked orders: 1858
Stand: 24.05.2018

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The time-critical, specialized cargo
and storage space exchange, increased their
number of members within the
last 18 months by approximately
50% to 1400.

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Courier freight exchange continues to grow

Neunkirchen/Brand, 26th July, 2011
The time-critical, specialized cargo and storage space exchange, based in Frankish Neunkirchen/Brand, increase their number of members within the last 18 months by approximately 50% up to more than 1400.

Both managing directors Frank Ortlepp and Michael Neukirchen strive for positive business development, the partnership believe the innovative technical standard of the platform has lead to the company's current success.

The enterprise, offers an interactive real-time, vehicle and freight overview in addition to illustrated maps from Google maps. Also, automatic freight-offers by E-mail and intelligent applications for mobile devices should arrange for a lasting integration of the cargo exchange in the daily business and the workflow of the connected members.

The enterprise exclusively registers courier companies and Owner Drivers, the target audience of Large hauliers/forwarders would have principally no access to the network.

"As well as the efficiency of our user-friendly technology, our members do also profit from other advantages of a strong community ", Michael Neukirchen is convinced.

"The quality within our network ranks for us at first place", says Michael Neukirchen. An extensive feedback rating-system should ensure transparency. "The fact is we care, following up every suspicious feedback, and in a dispute act as mediator between the partners. We come pretty close to our idea of a fair, high quality, first class exchange", says Michael Neukirchen.

For the future, the enterprise puts the investment focus on even further optimization of the web portal and the development of new platforms overlapping mobile applications.

In addition, the enterprise counts on an increment of members in the double figure percentage range. "We want to grow cautiously, and not at all costs", Michael Neukirchen comments in his expansion strategy.

That is why the enterprise monitors all participants', exclusively approved credit-rated members only. "It is our policy: We would rather have a few partners less, than chaos in the", stresses Michael Neukirchen.


Couriernet GmbH, with headquarter in Neunkirchen/Brand operates time-critical, specialized freight and storage space exchange, which went online in January, 2009, especially designed for the direct- and dedicated market. Currently about 1400 connected members are using for the active decrease of empty journeys and to improve logistical efficiency. offers connected partners' fair membership subscriptions and a particularly high technical standard.

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